Vermont is Allowing Same Sex Unions For Many Reasons Other Than Love and Commitment

I have a news flash for every illegal alien. Vermont has made it possible for you to stay in America legally, no matter what country you are from, no matter how you got here. They have legalized same sex “unions.”

Just find someone of the same sex, pay them a fee, take them to Vermont, get “joined” and then file for permanent residency.

Isn’t it wonderful that the government is making it so easy for so many various and sundry couples to join in governmental union for one reason or another?

Many say it is to get government benefits, others for health benefits, others for tax breaks. I would like to see these tax breaks because every married person I know actually pays more in taxes. That’s why so many elderly on fixed incomes who find love later in life can’t afford to get married.

So, motives other than love and commitment are acceptable excuses for these “unions” according to the judges. And they can’t make you prove you are a homosexual , that would violate your civil rights and rights to privacy. All you have to do is show up with a bonafide partner and bing bada bang, you’re legal.

Isn’t America great?