When the Government Takes Aim at Productivity and Creativity… We All Lose

Imagine… Alexander Graham Bell is taken to court for providing technology to make sure every home in America has a phone because this is considered a monopoly.

Thomas Edison is sued for billions of dollars, dragged through the courts and congressional hearings, because his brilliance and perseverence brought light to a darkened 20th century.

Jonas Salk is berated on the evening news for creating a monopoly that has stopped the threat of polio for millions of people. No one can compete with the vaccine and he is on trial for this monopolistic practices.

Bill Gates figures out a way to make computers user friendly so that millions of additional people can benefit from the new technology, the government gets rich, the information technology market booms and he is considered bottom feeding pond scuz.

If the government must break up a monopoly, the anti-trust monopoly that needs to be addressed is the liberal media that has in its cross-hairs business, entrepreneurship, individual liberties, alternative points of view, ideas that reflect value and tradition, and people who have integrity and honor as their paradigm of character.

This is Nina May .. . still challenging double standards and hypocrisy.