Who is the Puppet Master Behind the Protestors… This Time?

The WTO and World Bank protestors were not unusual to D.C. There have been groups of conservatives protesting outside these buildings for years. In fact, I remember a few years ago, sending a new intern down to a protest outside the World Bank.

He never asked why he was going or what the protest was all about… He was just thrilled that within his first week in Washington, he was going to be able to participate in a bonafide rally. Isn’t America great?

I am very impressed by the number of high school kids taking place in the protests. Kids who don’t even know the names of their congressmen or the capital of Idaho, but they miraculously know what WTO stands for… And what it does. Or do they?

The protestors’ only demand was that debts to third world countries be forgiven. It takes three days of tying up traffic to say that? And their concern for the homeless and starving around the world was not reflected once in their concern for the homeless and starving in DC. So what gives? Who is behind this masquerade of feigned concern?

I am willing to admit I got my intern to do my dirty work… Will the people behind these kids be as honest?