Why Was the 80’s the Decade of Greed and the 90’s Aren’t?

We kept hearing liberals referring to the 80’s as the decade of greed. That was really the only way they could spin the prosperity story without betraying their socialist tendencies.

In reality, the 80’s was a decade of economic renewal. If you recall, the end of the 70’s, during the Carter Administration, the unemployment rate was over 13%, inflation was over 20% and interest rates were 18%. Then President Reagan came into office, much to the chagrin of the liberal elite and the tooth-grinding Tom Brokaw who could barely bring himself to say that Reagan was the landslide winner.

As their paychecks got fatter, jobs safer, cars faster, houses bigger, the millionaire talking heads, continued to refer to the 80’s as the “decade of greed.”

Maybe for them it was. But for the rest of America, it was a decade of unprecedented opportunity and personal growth.

Interest rates plummeted along with unemployment and inflation.

It was not a decade of greed any more than the 90’s under the Clinton’s has been.

Everyone today is benefitting from that growth and not to admit it is intellectual dishonesty and political hypocrisy. This is Nina May at ninamay.com.