With Such Open-mindedness in the Jewish Community Look at the Possibilities!

The Reform Jewish Community has voted to recognize same sex unions in their synagogue.

Now . . . before we start throwing stones and judging . . . let’s look at the positive side of a declaration of such historic significance. There is far more evidence in the Old Testament that identifies Jesus as their Messiah, than there is evidence that God would be happy joining Fred and Ted in Holy Matrimony.

So we should celebrate that the Jewish community is finally opening their eyes to new possibilities in the interpretation of the scriptures. Hopefully they will now see that Christ was the Messiah they have waited for all these years and is as alive today as he was two thousand years ago. That He wants to have a personal relationship with them.

In the meantime, in their very open minded stance on recognizing same sex unions . . . I wonder if they will finally allow Jews to marry outside their religion? If Bob Jones can lift restrictions on dating outside a race, and same sex unions are recognized by the Reform Jewish community . . . certainly Jews and Christians can finally join as one.

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