Boys Will Be Boys . . . and Girls … and then the Puppets of the State!

A couple of years ago a study was done to see if little boys and girls could be programmed at an early age to identify with the toys of the opposite sex.

The idea was that boys are trained to be boys. They wanted to un-train them and let them experience the fullness of being both male and female.

They were convinced that boys were taught to be aggressive and if given the chance to play with dolls, they would get in touch with their sensitive side.

But what they were not prepared for was the creative mind of a child to conform to the person God created him to be . . . not what psychologists hoped he would be.

They caught on film the Doctors giving a little three-year-old boy a Barbie Doll to watch his interaction with this feminization tool. This little boy held the doll by the legs and looked at it, turned it over, still inspecting it, then instantly, bent it at the waist and began shooting imaginary bullets out of its head.

Everyone, but the mind-control expert, laughed.

This little boy today would be suspended from nursery school for doing that. But, so much for indoctrination.

The next step is intimidation . . . then confiscation. There is historical proof of that process in every totalitarian country that has ever existed.

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