Close the Coliseum, Send the Gladiators Home — It’s Not Funny Anymore

On May 24 the democrats honored Bill Clinton at an event in Washington, D.C. It sadly reflected the elitist disconnect of the party with the people.

The spectacle was punctuated by raw language, foul references, sexist and blasphemous remarks . . . all with the back drop of laughter and applause by those who have lost the ability to show shame or contrition . . . or to even blush.

This event is the culmination of a legacy shredded and unraveled by those trying so hard to preserve it. The Clinton Administration is pro-actively giving life to the global view that he is a laughing stock. He squanders what tattered remnant he held on to every time he acts the buffoon and goes for the cheap laugh.

There never has been accountability and now to shrug the entire eight-year experience off as an exercise in comic relief insults all Americans. .. Even those who laugh nervously at what they clearly see is the pitiful swan song of a man dethroned and tarnished by his own hand.

America wants a leader who respects them . . . who won’t lie to them . . . and won’t reduce them to a Colosseum of imbeciles clamoring for more, more, more . . . until there is none left.