Does the President Only Attend Funerals of Gunshot Victims? Who is Being Honest Here?

A little boy was the victim of random violence in Alexandria, Virginia by a knife-wielding man. It is interesting that the President didn’t attend the funeral which was only a fifteen minute drive from the White House.  Maybe it is because he doesn’t think knives are as dangerous as guns and doesn’t support a three day waiting period to purchase a knife at a knife show.

Those who accused him of politicizing the death of Kayla Rolland were soundly criticized and ridiculed by the press, the gun-control advocates, and every individual who is shocked when someone in this country dares speak the unvarnished truth.

If it was not about grandstanding for political purposes, and if Kevin Shifflett’s life is as precious to the President as Kayla’s, then why was he not in attendance at that funeral? Why was a representative not sent? Why wasn’t there a press conference to express outrage at random violence and dangerous weapons such as knives?

For me to say this is outrageous? No this is called the truth. To attend a little girl’s funeral who was killed by a gun, pretending you care, while ignoring the brutal death of a little boy stabbed to death by a knife… now that is outrageous!