Goofy Suits… a Fashion Statement that Begs For Freedom

A friend of ours was raised in communist Hungary and was forced, as a little boy to join the young pioneers and wear, what he referred to as… a “goofy suit.”

He said he was seven and he refused to join the young pioneers, refused to wear the suit, and refused the communist indoctrination they INSISTED that all children go through.

He knew that was not his destiny, that he was created to be free and independent and told his parents what he had done.

As a result of their inability to “convince” their child that he should willingly be brainwashed… they both lost their positions as doctors… even though there were not enough doctors to take care of everyone in the country.

They were fined, put under house arrest and went through very difficult times. That is one of the reasons he was in America and could share this story freely without fear of arrest.

He refused to wear the goofy suit and buy the goofy ideology that would have robbed him of his identity, his individuality, and his future.

It is too bad they don’t allow him into the prison at Wye Plantation to explain to Elian Gonzalez that he doesn’t have to wear the goofy suit either… so one day he might be able to help another little boy escape the prison of communism.