Howard Stern’s Comments on Asians, Women, Unborn Children, Etc

Moms on the Mall are concerned about their kids carrying guns to school . .. but they don’t seem to be upset by their eight and nine year-old kids calling Howard Stern and getting some very mature advice on killing, exploiting, degrading and dehumanizing.

Perhaps these moms who are so open-minded . . .except when it comes to teaching kids about the safe handling of guns . . . should keep a closer eye on their kids.

And if they really are concerned about their safety, I am assuming they are teaching them to abstain from sex before marriage to avoid sexually transmitted diseases . . . They are telling them that drugs aren’t safe, tatoos and nose rings can get infected, and protesting with explosives can be dangerous to their health.

But if this rally is not just a ruse to further the cause of gun control then these women will have to prove it to other moms.

Prove they are Moms who really care about how other life-threatening issues affect their kids and they are not just exploiting kids for political purposes.

Please show a little consistency mom . . . because you have millions of OTHER moms who will be noting every hypocritical line you utter . . . in their collective name. This is one of them at