Let God Speak For Himself Sometimes its Good to Not Get in the Way of His Words

I remember the first time I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, before I was a Christian. I loved the music, the message, the person of Christ. In fact I accepted Him as my savior after seeing it because I saw him in a new light.

I grew up hearing the same Bible stories in Sunday School, year after year. But there was no connection in the telling. We would jump from David and Goliath to Jesus healing someone, to Daniel in the Lion’s den to the crucifiction of Christ. All played out with sterile pieces of flannel that was no substitute for the possibility of a relationship with the living God.

So when I hear Christians complaining that the CBS show “Jesus” is not based on the Bible it saddens me because there are so many who may never see the face of Christ if not for this show. Ironically, after accepting Christ, I took all my friends to see Jesus Christ Superstar and during this showing I was appalled by how inaccurate it was. But I kept my mouth shut . ..and let God do the talking to their hearts. They all came to know Christ as their savior that night . . . with the same grace and mercy that had been extended to me, not the judgement I was ready to unleash in my zealous attempt to speak for God.

This is Nina May, thanking CBS for allowing God to speak for Himself.