Memorial Day

It is impossible to think about Memorial Day without the word “hero” coming to mind.

When you see photos of the baby-faced boys from middle America who left the farm and their country simultaneously for the first time . .. you think of valor and courage.

When you talk with the gray haired gentlemen who served a nation by serving others . . . you are touched by their humility.

Every veteran I have spoken to, who served in World War II, down plays their part in the war, and they always identify their buddies as the real heroes.

When you see movies with John Wayne or Robert Taylor portraying our troops with such integrity and honor you can feel a pride swell in your chest.

When you read books with letters written home from the front that reveal such tender and precious hearts, you realize these innocent kids were thrown into a ghastly world made by maniacal men bent on absolute power.

These men and women who fought in World War II are the ones who have set the standards for excellence in our country . . .and the world.

Theirs is a dying breed, but their legacy will never fade . . . their purpose is as eternal as God who gave them the grace to overcome.

This is Nina May thanking all veterans on this Memorial Day.