Nelson Mandela Understands What Our Founding Fathers Intended by the 2nd Amendment

I thought it quite interesting that on the weekend of the Million Mom March, the icon of liberation, Nelson Mandela, made statements that better illustrated the opposing view than any counter march could have.

The opposing view to the anti-gun Moms, whose only concern for child safety is suspiciously limited to guns, have stated that their main goal is to preserve the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment.

The “moms” were hung up on the word “well-regulated” as being the delete button for the Amendment, when they conveniently forget that the first 10 amendments to the constitution specifically and purposefully deal with rights reserved to the citizen NOT the state.

Well-regulated was what Washington did when he identified the back woods boys who were sharp shooters, but had no formal discipline to work together as a cohesive unit to overthrow the tyranny of the existing controlling government.

Ironically, Nelson Mandela is giving us a very current example of how that well-regulated militia should work against the oppressive regime of Mugabe in Zimbabwe.  He has called for the citizens to take up arms and oppose the tyranny through armed insurrection, and the only way that such opposition can work is if they cooperate and work together as a militia formed of citizens, well-regulated from within their ranks.

So Nelson Mandela, who was prevented from having a gun, to protect his life and to fight for equality understands the importance of the rights of citizens, in order to form a well-regulated militia, to have the right to keep and bear arms.