No Matter What You Do To Try and Silence Him . . . God’s Word Will Not Come Back Void!

Jesus says if you are ashamed of me before man, I will be ashamed of you before my Father which is in heaven. But he who exalts me will be exalted.

Well that is exactly what Angie Guidry, from Sam Houston High School, in Louisiana did. She had been selected to give the valedictory speech at her graduation. On the day of the graduation, the teachers in their very open-minded tolerant way, reviewed her speech and censored her words. The part they found so offensive was when she gave her fellow classmates a perspective on life and said college degrees, professions and all the world offers means nothing without a relationship to God.

This was her personal belief and of all the messages she could give her classmates . . .she felt that this was the most valuable. The teachers and principal disagreed. She would not change the words and was told she could not give the speech.

They quickly wrote an acceptable one and tapped another graduate to give it. But think about it, here I am writing about her years later, after hearing a sermon which mentioned her, after the preacher heard the story on another show. So God was right. Angie is being exalted . .. . because she exalted God first.

This is Nina May, thankful for people like Angie.