Should Their Be a Waiting Period to Be a Mom? What About Trigger Locks?

The greatest fear that any totalitarian group has is that people start thinking for themselves and have a foundation of absolutes, balanced information resources, and courage to express their views.

Most Americans don’t like to be lied to, intimidated, or coerced by elitist rhetoric that assumes we don’t know what is best for ourselves and our families.

So the women, referring to themselves as “Moms on the Mall,” need to know that of all the jobs in the world that a woman has, that is one she doesn’t need a spokesman for.

And for as many moms you have that many parenting styles. If they choose to keep their children away from firearms that is their choice. Much like it is my choice to keep my children from anything I think is harmful and offensive to them, or me.

But did you know that approximately three million kids are abused by their parents yearly, resulting in over 1000 deaths and 70% of the abusers were moms?

Ironically that is almost the same figure as children killed by firearms. So, should we put a trigger lock on moms? Women… think for yourselves!!!

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women supporting a woman’s right to choose to own guns.