Thirty Percent Will Always Be Patriots

Thirty Percent Will Always Be Patriots. . . but what are the other two thirds loyal to today?

I have never been one to trust or rely on polls. But I could not ignore the polls showing that almost 60% of the American people believed that the midnight raid to retrieve a little boy, from people who had saved his life, was justified.

Actually that is good, maybe they will finally agree that guns aren’t that bad and the rest of society can keep theirs.

But what is interesting in this figure is how consistent it is with American history.

During the entire American revolution only one third of the citizens were for breaking ties with England and starting their own country. These were called Patriots.

One third was for remaining loyal to England, thus the name Loyalists, and one third had no opinion one way or the other. They were basically ambivalent . . .or the middle of road as they would be referred to today.

If you look at the last presidential election, where 150 million people are registered to vote only two thirds bothered to go to the polls. And this number was split almost in half for those for one political philosophy over another.

So it should not surprise us that the same revolutionary spirit that burned in the souls of only 30% of the nation 200 years ago, is the same percentage today. We are at