Vietnam… Who They are Today was Determined 25 Years Ago

An interesting cultural and historical interlude occurred on the streets of Washington, D.C. the other day. There was a visiting group of Vietnamese communist party officials and representatives. And by party, I mean communist party. They are walking in front of the White House and they encountered a demonstration on the other side of the street with signs and protestors shouting, “The Solution is a Communist Revolution.”

My first question of course is solution to what? It can’t be to Clinton because he is . .. but the reaction of the visiting communists was laughter. They could not believe that in a free country, that ostensibly, politically, philosophically and militarily has been their enemy, would allow their position to be paraded on the streets .. in front of the President’s home.

Well… I guess they don’t know our president.  But really… they don’t know our country and what makes it so unique in the world. And that is why 58,000 or our citizens gave their lives to show them that free expression… whether you agree with it or not… is far greater than living your life in fear and by someone else’s standards.

By the way, they are suffering economically and desperate for foreign investments to stimulate the economy. So much for communism. It seems as though the free market system is still the answer to problems that persist every community in the world and even the communists realize it.