What’s Happening to Kids, 12 – 17?

According to recent studies “there has been a startling increase in heroin use among suburban teens in the last decade.”

A White House Drug Policy spokesman said the number of heroin users has doubled since 1996. The rate of use by kids from 12 to 17 almost tripled in ten years. Juvenile offenders, between the ages of 12-17 commit 25% of the violent crimes.

Kids in that same age group are victims of over 2 million cases of theft at school. So what is happening with kids from 12-17 that they are being victimized by drugs, violence and theft?

Aren’t kids that age supposed to be in school? So what is the school teaching them that we see such an increase in their involvement in deadly drug use and crime?

Will throwing more money at it solve the problem? No, no more than banning guns would.

What these kids need are families that teach absolutes, parents who aren’t consumed with their own agendas, and a government that doesn’t pay lip service to problems concerning youth, while exploiting them for political gain.

If people really cared about kids . . . they would start focusing on what really hurts them . . . not creating a straw man in the name of gun control. A little honesty please. We are at ninamay.com