When Thought Police Can Silence Opinion By Claiming it is Intolerant . . . Everyone Loses

I just had the most interesting cultural experience imaginable. It was like being in a Kafka novel, illustrated by Dali . .. very surreal. I was asked to do CSpan’s Washington Journal on Sunday morning. The format of the show is that the host goes through daily papers and ask the guest to respond to different articles.

One article was on the gay march on the mall, and it was mentioned immediately. I have never had a dog in that fight, I told them we don’t deal with that issue with Renaissance Foundation, and any response would be a perception of why this is such an emotional issue.

Well, by the responses we got on our website and email you would think I had suggested napalming the participants.

Here are some examples… “Every day your hatred causes lives to be destroyed.” Well first of all, when does expressing a view point, that is merely a reflection of 98% of the American people, considered “hatred” and how do words destroy lives?

Another was, “May God grant mercy on your soul for the hate that you spread.”

Ironically, my responses must have been so benign that one viewer wrote, “It appeared that you were a gay rights activist.”

The message in most of these emails was that any opposition, or indication that you are not 100% behind the gay rights agenda… you are a hateful, intolerant proponent of death and mayhem.

So, a sane and logical debate on a topic that clearly elicits emotional responses is not allowed because any opposing view is perceived de facto to be hateful, therefore denied the opportunity to be represented.

People, I don’t know what you believe or why, but this type of fascist Gestapo mentality is not healthy in a free society and I would suggest to the homosexual community that if they want to gain the respect, not the fear, of the rest of society, that they allow a rational and civilized debate to occur without resorting to gratuitous namecalling and hyperbolic labeling.

Again, although I have written commentaries on it, the homosexual issue is not one that I have worked on, dealt with or been an activist with, but free speech, intimidation, coercion and manipulation are.

This is a perfect example of what I have been saying for years, and one of the reasons I founded Renaissance Women 17 years ago.

During those days it was a handful of women claiming to speak for all women, summarily silencing the opposing views with names such as “male chauvinist pig” or “brainless woman who can’t think for herself… etc.”

We found that women were more than capable of speaking for themselves and didn’t like the intimidation tactics of the feminists and spoke out against these tactics.

Now, the huge irony is that the homosexual community has so intimidated every aspect of society, that even a woman, or a mother who has a vested interested in protecting her children, is allowed to be blasted, debased, ridiculed and branded as intolerant and hateful. In my life I have never had a heterosexual man speak to me with such derision, such hate, and with such threats. And if a heterosexual man did speak to a woman this same way, the feminists would be all over him as being a chauvinist Neanderthal and much more.

So what has happened? Why is it that 2% of the population can so effectively denounce the opinions and beliefs of so many others as being intolerant when they themselves can escape that moniker? What is wrong with this picture? This is the type of heavyhanded tyranny that the founding fathers fought against. This is what tens of thousands of our citizens fought in WWII to prevent under the hand of Hitler when he successfully intimidated an entire country into believing that a segment of society should be silenced and systematically killed. Well we are seeing a repeat of this today in the name of open-minded tolerance. Either this is a free country where opposing and divergent views are allowed to be expressed or it is not.  Don’t claim you are trying to point out intolerance while practicing the very thing you claim to be trying to destroy.

As a woman, I feel that the feminist movement has not only allowed the degradation of women and her position in society, but she has remained silent on the issue of free and open debate in the market place between women and men of opposing views. Women are being silenced, ridiculed and oppressed by men who have, by their lifestyle said they have no need or perhaps respect for women, women are irrelevant to them. This is discrimination on its face and women are the silent victims of this behavior. (No, I am not talking about anything sexual… I am talking about relationships where women are an irrelevant part of the happy life equation.)

We have posted all the comments on the website, and I would encourage you to get a copy of the C-Span broadcast and you make a determination yourself if these email responses are in any way reflective of any positions I took.

But I will say, if there is anything I did say, whether intentionally or by the slip of the tongue, I am sorry and ask forgiveness if I caused anyone any pain. I just want honesty in this debate, otherwise people who disagree with this lifestyle, the tactics, the motives and agenda are justified in saying this group is not interested in merely being accepted in society.  They will only be happy when society is a reflection of their values. Just be honest guys, don’t be so anti women.  The nation has been there and I am sure does not want to return to the days of male domination and intimidation.