You Shall Know the Truth . . . . . . and the TRUTH Shall Set You Free!!

One of our listeners wrote and said, “I would prefer more spiritual content and less politics. How can we reach the lost when we are slamming them all the time? When you write about God I like it a lot better.”

Actually, I like talking about God more than politics too.

Unfortunately, if we don’t pay attention to politics . . . we may one day be forbidden to talk about God. But it is unfortunate that just speaking the truth today in our society . . . it is considered “slamming” someone.

With values clarification and situational ethics people have been taught for two generations that truth is relative. But you can’t talk about God without talking about truth . . . because He is the truth.

To speak the truth, as prophets throughout the Bible discovered, is not a very popular place to be. If you recall Elisha . . . he and his fellow prophets were being hunted and many killed by King Ahab and his wife Jezebel because they spoke the truth . . . or in today’s terminology . . . they slammed or rebuked a point of view.

And even speaking the words of Christ who said, “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life. . . no man can come to the Father but by me,” is considered narrow-minded, judgmental and intolerant.

So truth is relative . . . depending on who is speaking it, what they are saying and how it is received. But we should never stop doing it.