Chuck Schumer Seems to Forget

Chuck Schumer Seems to Forget that he is a Member of the UNITED STATES Senate.

A photographer in New York was fined for assembling a group of nude people on a public street to take their picture. He won his case in court and the judge said the constitution allowed him to express himself in such a way. But if this same group had been assembled in front of an abortion clinic for a photo… nude or not… The Freedom of Clinic Entrances Act could have prevailed over their rights to free expression.

This is a law, authored by Senator Chuck Schumer that classifies citizens based on their beliefs and does not allow them the same protections and privileges as other citizens..

He is now pulling out that same dusty box of “yellow stars”, hoping to force the judicial system to pin them on pro-lifers who can’t afford to pay fines as a result of being arrested outside the abortion clinics… for just expressing their opinions and views.

Some of these arrests have resulted in costly court battles and many of the protestors have had to declare bankruptcy.

The very fair-minded, tolerant Senator Schumer feels that these people should spend time in debtors prison to pay for their sin of expressing a view on abortion that opposes his. He wants to tie his “Yellow Star of David” Amendment to the Bankruptcy Reform Act that is now in the hands of the Senate.

I wonder what group will be chosen next for disparate treatment and held accountable to a different set of laws? Will someone please get Senator Schumer a copy of the constitution and our Bill of Rights. He seems to forget he is in America.