Our Newly Discovered Rights of the Dad Should be Exported to Germany

Now that America is celebrating the new discovery of the importance of the father, they should naturally rally around a father who is being persecuted by the government.

Johan Harder, who was home schooling his eleven children in Germany, had his home ransacked by the police. He was threatened with fines and imprisonment if he did not return his children to the state for public education.

Let’s analyze this. If his eleven children came to America in a raft to keep from having to go to public school, would the US government send them back to be with their dad… and support his rights as a dad to home school his kids?

If he was in America and wanted to teach them at home, would he have the full support of the people who have recently discovered the rights of a father are paramount over the rights of the government?

If Elian Gonzalez’ dad was home schooling him in Germany… and his home was broken into by the police and Elian forced to go to a public school… would Janet Reno have an opinion about his right to choose home schooling for his son over the state telling him how he should be educated?

Should the US government make a statement on behalf of Mr. Harder’s rights to home school his children since the children belong to the father, not the state… no matter what the circumstances?

Happy Father’s Day… enjoy it while the PR is in your favor.