PETA Wants Animals to Have the Same Rights as Humans Does that Include the Same Wrongs?

The animal rights group, PETA, is pushing for laws to give animals the same rights as humans so they cannot be killed, experimented on or exploited for entertainment.  They don’t want them to be in cages or zoos or suffer any type of bondage or captivity whatsoever.

If that is the case and they really want them to be treated the same as humans, they will actually have to allow all the above to occur. Human beings in the womb are being killed, and experimented on . . . and even their body parts can be sold. Children are being exploited by pornography for perverted entertainment . .. obviously against their will. They are being trapped in a prison of bondage and degradation that is robbing them of the right to live their life as God intended.

So if animal rights advocates want to elevate animals to the status of humans …they will have to strive to restore the dignity to the human being. They can start by denouncing abortion as murder, harvesting baby parts and experimenting on them as barbaric, and exploiting them for pleasure as perverted and unacceptable.

Otherwise . .. their argument . . . besides being preposterous, actually becomes quite moot.

This is Nina May.