Security at Los Alamos?

I was fascinated to hear Sec. Of Energy, Bill Richardson’s explanation for the misplaced hard drives containing top secret information that were found behind a copy machine at Los Alamos National Lab.

He said, “It is very clear in the contract the University of California has with the Department of Energy that they, the University of California, is in charge of security.”

I don’t know about you… but this does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. These are the same people who hire communist professors who indoctrinate their mindless pupils about the ills of the free market society. They are the same people who give extra credit to students for attending WTO protests, anti-gun rallies and gay pride marches.

The same people who refer to Shakespeare, Longfellow. Byron, Keats, etc, as dead white men and don’t feel they are a necessary part of the curriculum anymore. These are the same people who teach diversity, sensitivity and tolerance, all euphemisms for group-think or fascism. These are the same people who wallow in victimization, embrace values clarification and adhere to the failed concept of situational ethics. These are the same people our Sec. of Energy says is to blame for a couple of hard drives with top secret information being misplaced?

Is it me . . . or is there something wrong with this picture?  This is Nina May asking you what you think.