The Government Has Declared Itself Hostile to Religious Expression. What is next?

The U.S. Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision, has decided that children who attend public school become subjects of the state the minute they enter the school house door . . .and abandon their First Amendment rights to free speech.

They seem to be offended by a child who is putting his life on the line to play football for a school that considers him less than a full citizen.

Hmmm, this sounds a little too much like pre-emancipation days when blacks were considered to be only partially a citizen. Either we are all treated equally in the eyes of the law or not. The court has basically said that voluntary religious expression during a sporting event on a public campus is unconstitutional.

Does that include a child who pulls out a prayer mat in a public library during Ramadan? Does that include a devote Jew holding a religious ceremony in a public park or building? And why wouldn’t it if you interpret the finding in its most complete form? If a child is not allowed to express his religious views in a public school . . .why not any other public building?

But my big question is . . . How does the US government intend to dispose of the billions of dollars in priceless paintings hanging in government funded galleries that depict religious scenes? After all, that is promoting religious expression in a public forum.