The Rosie O’Donnell School of National Defense

It was reassuring to see our President debate the merits of an American missile defense system with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. He said that allowing Americans to defend themselves against foreign aggressors was not a threat to strategic stability and mutual deterrence… in fact it would have the opposite affect.

Putin has adopted the Rosie O’Donnell theory of national defense. Because he can’t trust anyone else with a gun to defend and protect their borders, their homes, their children in school, he must be the only one that is allowed to have weapons, because only he and his can be trusted with them.

He sees a defense system, like Rosie sees a gun in a private home: they can’t trust that it won’t be used offensively. Well, it won’t if he respects borders, and locks on front doors.

A missile defense system is like a lock on a front door and a strong defense system is the knowledge the would-be aggressor has to be deterred from breaking into that well-defended house… or well-protected country.

If our leaders applied the same principle to arms control and the national defense as they do to the average citizen, Clinton would have signed a statement agreeing to everything Putin requested.

He didn’t because maybe he understands that disarming invites aggression nationally, and personally.