What is Elitism?

Elitism is a separation from others through power, influence and money.

The President and VP, who are surrounded by armed guards can afford to suggest that Americans disarm themselves.

Clinton is so afraid of the American citizen he even had barricades erected around the White House.

Bill and Hillary are “given” a house worth $1.7 million yet they call Americans greedy for wanting tax cuts, school vouchers, and a cut in the capital gains tax.

Al Gore is a millionaire who will never need a dime of his Social Security, yet he opposes a plan to allow middle America . . .the non-millionaire sect, to take their hard earned money and invest it themselves for their future.

He keeps saying that is risky and reckless . . . like every other plan middle America has suggested just to get by.

But the real reason that Al Gore opposes investing in the private sector is that it will wean people from the government and expose them to the benefits of capitalism.

When this happens, the mystique of the royal couple and elitist party will disappear and people will realize they can do it themselves without being beholden to the government for everything they have and are.

The curtain will be pulled back and the wizards will be exposed in the land of Oz.