When is Killing Right?

Does it depend on who is being killed?

I drove by a church the other day with a huge sign over the front of it that says “Thou Shalt Not Kill, Stop the death penalty.”

I called to see if they had a position on the abortion issue and they said they don’t take political positions. Hmmm. Ok, that must be their definition of consistency. Or they must think that God feels it is better to kill an innocent baby BEFORE he MIGHT commit a crime, than killing a killer who HAS committed a crime.

What then should we do about the perpetrators of war crimes who are rounded up in UN detention centers? Should they be executed or not? In Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi faces the death penalty for trying to liberate her people. So those who commit war crimes face the death penalty, and those who oppose those who commit war crimes face the death penalty.

But who decides who should die and who shouldn’t? Even Al Gore is conflicted. He suggested that Milosovich and Saddam Hussain should both be assassinated, yet he is against the death penalty in America.

It seems as though pro-choice women are the only group who have the unfettered right to decide who lives and who dies.