When Someone Graduates From a Destructive Lifestyle We Should All Applaud

During graduation we grow accustomed to all the pomp and circumstance, because even though it is an accomplishment, it was expected.

For those who have become complacent about graduation, I encourage you to attend one at Youth For Tomorrow which is a last resort for juvenile delinquents who already have a police record.

The catch is, they talk about the real solution in these young boys lives, they talk about God, they read the Bible and they share how Jesus can change them. And guess what? He does.

For anyone who doesn’t believe in God, meet these boys before and after. Transformed from drug dealers, car-jackers, robbers and gang members they almost look angelic as they raise their hands to the sky, singing “I will lift Your name on high.”

This is a graduation that rivals any academic accomplishment of the brightest scholar. These young men have graduated from a life of self-destructive defiance to one of love and leadership. They broke the self-esteem barrier that kept them trapped in a life going nowhere, except jail.

Ironically, that was the option the judge gave them, jail or Youth for Tomorrow. They chose life!! This is Nina May suggesting that they deserve a standing ovation!