When the “Intolerance” Shoe is On the Other Foot

One of the biggest complaints you will hear from secular humanists against Christians is that they try and impose their moral values on the rest of society.

So it is very interesting to see these same people representing a small group of nations, refereed to as JUSCANZ*, in the United Nations, bullying 138 other nations who reject their form of absolutism.

The 138 countries, referred to as G-77, are asking for a few simple statements to be included in the UN document on women and families that was drafted in 1995 for the Beijing women’s conference.

These are radical statements like . . . “The family is the basic unit of society and is a strong force of social cohesion and integration and its stability should be strengthened.” But this has been rejected by a handful of the elitist nations who want to remake the world in their secular humanist image.

The Clinton Administration in particular has backed efforts to block religious and cultural values of individual countries. They feel the individual sovereignty of a country should not be upheld if it disagrees with the United Nations.

I wonder if this would apply to America? The more developed countries also refused to allow a statement in the document that would “promote responsible sexual behavior, including abstinence.”

This is becoming a document created through coercion and threat. Ironically, the UN ordered this 1995 document, created because of the Beijing conference on women, not to be changed.

Will the groups insisting upon its change which is in direct violation of a UN order, have their sovereignty challenged? If so, that would include the US.

* The JUSCANZ countries are Japan, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Luxembourg, the European Union and handful of others.