When the Sacrifice Becomes Too Great … Who Loses?

Do you remember the days of the Vietnam conflict when a handful of communist sympathizers successfully turned America against its own military for the first time in our history?

Never before had the people been so hostile toward the military in its defense of freedom for others. Ironically those same anti-war protestors, became pro-war sympathizers when someone more philosophically aligned became the Commander in Chief.

But the military is always under scrutiny or attack from one source or another and if you look at the incredible sacrifice they make to join the forces . . .you have to ask yourself why?

Why does an individual join an institution that is regularly slandered and maligned? Why do they work for a fraction of what their civilian counterparts do? Why do they sacrifice their comforts, freedoms and relationships to give the rest of America the freedom to enjoy these same things?

That same question could be asked of people who enter the ministry to fight similar battles but on a spiritual level.

They make similar sacrifices in order to bring liberation to the soul of the lost and imprisoned.

What if they all decided to just join the civilian ranks, get theirs first, forget both the physical and spiritual well-being of their fellow Americans? Would this be a better place to live? A safer place to live?

I wonder what group we would begin to complain about . . . If we are still allowed to complain about anything?

This is Nina May . . . asking what you think. Let us know at ninamay.com.