When You Demand that Discrimination be Institutionalized — Don’t be Surprised When You Are Discriminated Against!

The Boston Transit Authority has taken that very progressive leap of installing transgender bathrooms at it facilities. This is for the conflicted person who doesn’t know daily if they are male or female.

But what they have actually done is marginalize this person as a non-person who is not worthy of visiting either the men’s room or the ladies room.

By creating a special bathroom, the Transit Authority is saying that transsexuals are less than human, less than people, less than men or women. They have bought into sexual Jim Crow laws that identify a class of people and then proceed to alienate them from the rest of society, very similar to the separate water fountains and toilets a few decades ago.

The homosexual community, in its haste to carve out special considerations and protections for its adherents, is actually creating a class system where they are perceived as less than worthy, less than able, less than gifted or articulate.

They need the government to speak for them, fight their battles, protect their every desire.

This special treatment engenders a type of pity from the rest of society who feel sorry that they are trapped in that lifestyle anyway, and they treat them as physically, emotionally and sexually challenged individuals.

But they have no one to blame but themselves because they have determined they need special care, special laws, special protections . . . therefore, they must know they are different.

They then should not be surprised if they are treated differently because it is, after all, themselves who have defined themselves to be different and deserving to be treated differently.