A Public High School That Has Set the Curve For Others… Will the Candidates Take Note?

If all public high schools used Thomas Jefferson in Arlington, Virginia, as a model of academic excellence, then campaign posturing by presidential candidates would be unnecessary. Instead of arguing whether to throw $13 or $2.8 billion down a black hole… they would be scrambling to find out why TJ is so successful.

Why are hundreds of kids standing in line to try and get in? Why are parents involved on a daily basis? Why were over 150 in this year’s graduating class accepted to UVa? Why do they obliterate the national averages in math and sciences?

Because of one very important reason… they teach. The don’t indoctrinate. They put academics above poltical correctness and hold each child accountible for their own academic success. They encourage competition instead of rejecting it.

So the candidate who is really serious about education is the one who doesn’t kowtow to the teachers union, but who makes tough decisions for the good of our kids. And he is the one who knows a good example of success when he sees it and realizes that money is not always the solution to a bad problem.

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