Abortion Clinics Ads are Being Dishonest

Choice Doesn’t Just Mean Death

While listening to NPR I heard an ad for an organization that “proudly supports a woman’s right to reproductive choice.” That of course is a euphemism for abortion.

But what if a woman has done everything she can to have a baby… as millions of women do … and nothing works? Would this organization help her fulfill her choice to have a baby?

She should be very careful though when approaching this abortuary, to ask that question, because according to the Supreme Court, she could be arrested and fined.

She cannot even suggest that she is for life within 100 feet of an abortion clinic, or within eight feet of a pro-choice person. So if a pro-life woman… hearing this ad, and really believing this organization supports a woman’s right to reproductive choice, went in and asked how to get pregnant… or how to possibly adopt one of these babies about to be murdered… she could be arrested.

So much for women’s rights. So much for free speech. So much for the Declaration of Independence which declares all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I guess her happiness will have to be postponed… while lives are being sacrificed for the perverted definition of liberty.