Artificial Intelligence Meets Imported Intelligence…

NBC Nightly news did a report on high tech immigrants who are being solicited by companies in America to fill the tremendous demand the dot com companies have created.

There are one hundred and fifteen thousand immigrants who have been given special visas to come to America, for up to six years. But this falls far short of the two hundred thousand job openings required.

The big question… what are American colleges teaching our kids? Why are they not being prepared to fill this job market? Could it be that so much energy is spent on making sure college kids in America are PC? That they know how to practice safe sex, experiment with divergent lifestyles, and be so open-minded their brains fall out? That they have been so convinced that big business is evil they don’t even want to work? Could it be that they spend so much time trashing dead white guys like Shakespeare while learning ancient ritual trances?

No wonder there is such a desperate need for kids with something quaint called… knowledge. And businesses today, with little patience for the politically correct group… are looking for kids who can think for themselves.

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