Free Speech vs. Offensive Acts . . . Will Liberals Please Tell Us What to Think?

The violence in Northern Ireland continued as the Protestants insisted on parading in a large Catholic area during their Orange Order celebration.

Liberals in America took personal offense on behalf of the Catholics and condemned the insensitivity of the Protestants. Interesting though, that these same people who were quick to point out that the Orangemen shouldn’t have the right to march in an all-Catholic area, were quick to insist that the homosexual march should take place at Vatican City in front of the Pope.

They were shocked that the Pope could possibly be offended by men parading in leather thongs and stiletto heels. And, these are the same people who want to prohibit prayer at high school football games because someone might be offended.

So either they should celebrate the Orangemen and their right to parade their beliefs in front of their opponents .. . in keeping with the concept of free speech, or . . . they should move to silence the homosexuals in Rome . . . in keeping with their philosophy of not allowing divergent opinions and views, lest they offend.

This is Nina May asking that whatever they decide is best for the rest of us . . . please, just be consistent.