It doesn’t take a rocket scientist

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that partial birth abortion is murder… you would think it would suffice to be a Supreme Court Justice.

I saw a transformation from someone being adamant on the issue of abortion to quickly back peddling from it once they had a few facts.

They had never heard of the term “partial birth abortion”… or that the Supreme Court had ruled that it was OK to butcher little babies who had been manipulated so the head was the only part still in the birth canal before the doctor sucked its brains out.

She was strongly pro-choice just minutes before this description… and rapidly melted in disgust as she heard of the procedure.

This is what is happening to the pro-choice advocates around the country. They are learning of the gruesome reality of infanticide, where a baby has already been carried in a woman’s womb for almost nine months.

No one is saying she has to raise the child or even look at it. And for every abortion in America… there is a loving family waiting to adopt.

It is too bad this woman who immediately understood partial birth abortion to be murder, was not sitting on the Supreme Court when the procedure was described. So much for the brilliant minds of our times.