Scholars Don’t Know More Than Others They Just THINK That They Do

Bible scholars of the Jesus Seminar, have come together to decide whether they think Jesus is who the Bible says He is. I am curious if they have a Mohamed Seminar to question his veracity.

Why should we believe so-called scholars who have earned degrees from institutions that have revised history to match their own humanist perspective of life, and we aren’t supposed to believe eyewitness accounts?

This is a blatant agenda by today’s “scholars” to discredit Christianity and the values inherent in it. Because the destruction of moral standards will usher in a type of nihilism that will justify their amoral belief system. But the big question is . . . if Jesus was just some con-artist who led a cult of followers . . . why are they devoting so much time and energy to study him?

They have actually described him as a type of David Koresh. Do they see Koresh as being elevated as a savior 2,000 years from now and that religion changing the world? What is the difference between Jesus and Koresh according to these incredibly learned scholars?

Shakespeare said it best . .. “me thinks thou doth protest too much.”

There must be something to this Jesus for all these “brilliant” people to be trying so hard to disprove Him and His deity.

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