Tell Al Gore that the Bible also says… “Pride comes before a fall.”

It was interesting to hear Al Gore quoting scripture in his speech before the NAACP, while he believes children shouldn’t have the right to pray or read their Bibles in school. He also must have skipped that part about lust in your heart being the same as adultery. Otherwise, why would he submit his loyal contributors to a tempting session with Playboy bunnies at a Democratic fundraiser. And he selectively ignores passages that describe homosexuality as being an abomination to God. But hey, it’s not the first time Christians have made the scriptures match their agenda, while ignoring God’s will.

But what was surprising in his speech was the blatant, unvarnished pandering to NAACP, treating them as his loyal subjects who of course were going to vote for him. He made fun of the idea that they could possibly consider voting for George Bush and no one there questioned his assumption.

If the NAACP really wants to have political clout outside of one party, they should stop allowing Democrats to treat them as their step-and-fetch-its. Make them earn their vote. And, they should remind Al Gore that the Bible is a very big book, and God won’t be mocked.

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