What do Gays and Confederate Sympathizers Have in Common? They are both offensive to someone

After Pope John Paul criticized the homosexual march in Rome, stating it is “against the laws of nature,” he was condemned.

One gay rights activists suggested that they solve the problem of pedophilia and homosexuality within the church before judging marchers as being abnormal.

But the irony is, for a gay rights person to suggest that the Catholic church deal with a “problem” of gays within the church, suggests that they know homosexuality is a problem. And the fact that the Catholic church condemns homosexuality and pedophilia within its ranks suggest that they know it destroys lives.

But it is interesting that the supporters of free speech from divergent perspectives, work so hard to silence Confederate afficionados calling them “apologists for slavery.”

Could the same accusation be leveled against gay rights activists who want the right to keep people in bondage to a destructive lifestyle?

If they have a right to march, as offensive as it might be, then so should those defending their right to display the rebel flag, no matter how offensive that might be.

You can’t silence one form of expression as being offensive without condemning all to the same fate, otherwise, you have a fascist state.