“Who Do YOU Say That I Am?”

ABC-TV did a special about Jesus, discussing his life, his ministry and his impact on history. The interesting thing though was the angle they took.

Were the Gospels reporting the truth? Even though Matthew and John were with Jesus during his three years ministering and had access to his family, friends and neighbors . . . it was reported that there were no eye-witness accounts.

I would say that the person who laid his head on Jesus breast, referred to himself as “the one whom Jesus loved best”, was there at cross, with him for forty days after the resurrection and at the transfiguration when he was taken back up to heaven . . . could be considered an eye-witness.  And the Gospels, although different in the perspective they bring to the writing, are similar in the reporting.

So what is interesting is ABC is a network with editors, reporters, writers, photographers and producers who bring their interpretation of the news to us on a daily basis.

Are we supposed to question them, their sources and their veracity because we aren’t privy to the same sources they are? Should we doubt everything they say is a fact and every report they bring us?

The huge difference in all of this though is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and you can know him as your savior without even opening the Bible or knowing there are four Gospels, who wrote them, and what they said. That is the mystery of Christ.  That is the mystery of salvation and the transforming power of His Holy Spirit that abides with us today.

So it is sort of irrelevant what the “experts” say . . . He is as alive to day as he was then and the arguments against it are proven mute by the millions of testimonies by people who have felt His touch, His liberating power and His unconditional love.