A Hidden Agenda Behind the Support For the Gay Agenda… Wake Up Women!

I have heard many people speculate as to why the homosexual community has so much power and even silenced the hetero male.

Imagine, two percent of the population controlling the way ninty-eight percent of the population thinks, speaks, and acts.

The most interesting explanation came from a misogynist heterosexual who also harbors racial and anti-Semitic tendencies. He said the homosexual movement has finally put men back on top. Women are second class citizens to the homosexual man.

He went on to say that only the gays could have the power to silence a woman, and a Jew at that…as in Dr. Laura.

Hmmmm. I asked him about the lesbians.  That means they would now have power over men. The response from this woman-hating, anti-Semitic neanderthal was enlightening. He said, “No, they are the bottom of the food chain, they aren’t a threat, in fact they are every straight man’s fantasy. We have women doing just what we always dream of…”

So the feminists owe a great deal of gratitude to the homosexuals for elevating women to nothing more than sexual objects and reducing men to nothing than more than sexual predators.