God is Now Back in Politics

By appointing Joe Lieberman as his running mate, Gore has acknowledged that religious expression is not as alien to American life as the liberals would have us believe.

Lieberman’s commitment to God includes refusing to ride in a car during the Sabbath. The acceptance of this very extreme religious position by the left is actually a liberating message for other believers who also have sincerely held religious beliefs. They should now, finally understand why people of faith feel that the homosexual lifestyle is not acceptable and that abortion is an abomination to the same God that Joe worships. And as everyone would be shocked if someone forced Joe to ride in a car on the Sabbath, they should be equally appalled when the homosexual community insists that Boy Scouts, get in their car, or when pro-abortion groups force Catholics to get in their cars.

So finally . . . the debate has been silenced about born again Christians being intolerant, bigoted and homophobic. Because, whether people realize it or not . . . it was Joe’s God who wrote the Ten Commandments, sent His only begotten Son to earth, and gave us His Holy Scriptures.

This is Nina May thanking Al Gore for making God a three letter word again