Gore is Right… Bush’s “interest” in the Average American is “Special”

It is humorous to see Bill Clinton trying to take credit for eight years of economic prosperity when he, Al Gore, and the democrat party did everything they could to stop the engine of progress.

Everything from vetoing tax cuts, to increased spending, to putting additional burdens on an already over-taxed small business engine.

The only reason Bush Senior lost was that he went back on his pledge not to raise taxes. Remember the “read my lips” quote?  Those were the days when people trusted a President and really held him accountable to every word, every promise.

It is also ironic that Gore claims GW is a mouthpiece for big business and special interest while continuing to deny his own connections to Buddhist temples, Big Oil, Hollywood, gay rights, pro-choice and other groups that have him comfortably in their hip pockets.

The special interest group that Bush represents is the over-taxed, over-burdened Americans who are marginalized and ignored by the Democrats and referred divisively as rich, greedy, principled, religious, conservative, right-wing… etc.

They are the vast majority of America and they are “special”… and yes, Bush is “interested” in them. Thank God someone running for President is.