I Have a Survival Challenge For CBS

I missed the whole “Survival” series because, frankly, I am too busy living my own life.

But what has CBS shown us about ourselves, human nature and the raw nature of man? Nothing we didn’t already know.

They just manipulated it, put sixteen human faces on it, exploited them and got bragging rights for high ratings.

But I have a survival challenge for CBS . . . why not do something really creative, revolutionary, and provocative . . . rise above the mediocre standards you have allowed to dominate.

Put sixteen people on an island who want to leave that place better, more compassionate, loving, and humble.

Anyone can take a jerk and make him a bigger, richer jerk. There is no mystery or creativity in that transformation.

Have the cataways focus on their spiritual growth, not their physical comfort . . . their state of being instead of their devious tactics.

Anyone can revel in his decadence but it is far more difficult to survive the challenge of goodness, virtue, purity, honor, selflessness and self-sacrifice.

That is the survival that really counts, and makes everyone a winner.