If the Republican Convention Lacked … Substance

If the Republican Convention Lacked Substance — Will the Presence of Stars Give the Democrats the Seriousness They are Looking For?

The Democrats claim that the Republican convention was all show and no substance. Yet they offer actor Jimmy Smits to talk about health care at their convention.

That poor issue that keeps making the rounds from one amateur to another. Barbara Streisand I suppose will discuss the issue of poverty, and Barney will talk about education.

That’s what happens when a party becomes bankrupt of new ideas, they hire it out, add some glitter, throw in a few big names and make us all think they have new policies.

The Republicans should have followed suit.

Instead of having all those politicians speaking on issues they deal with daily, they should have given speeches on film making, acting and script writing. That makes as much sense as featuring a bunch of actors at a political convention.

Just what makes Jimmy Smits such an expert on health care to warrant a billing at the Democrat National Convention? Even though he has the same non-credentials as Hillary Clinton, they must think his dashing good looks will convince America that Gore means business on this very serious issue. Gee . .. it works for me. How about you?