Lowering the Age of Consent, Exploitation, Debauchery and Defilement

The Supreme Court of New Jersey has determined that little girls who have been taught by the public school system how to have sex safely are old enough to arrange an abortion for herself, without her parent’s consent, when she fails the course.

Since they think she is mature enough to handle not only the debasing by the school system, the exploitation by a young man, and the subsequent life-threatening operation by someone she doesn’t even know, then they should go one step further.

They should wave the driving age to allow her to get to the abortion clinic.

I mean, if she is fourteen, pregnant, and can’t tell her parents, how is she supposed to transport herself there and back without anyone knowing.

Because, after all, the very brilliant and fair minds of the New Jersey Supreme Court said it will not permit the state to impose disparate and unjustifiable burdens on different classes of young women when fundamental constitutional rights hang in the balance.

So that means, unfair driving limitations impose disparate burdens on 14-year-olds. And if the young girl is old enough to make such a life-threatening decision, then what about the young boy who got her pregnant. He should not only be allowed to drive, but be registered for military duty, vote and be able to own a gun.

These are adults now after all, and should have every right available to them that adults do. There is just one thing the Court forgot to tell these girls . . . there is no constitutional guarantee that they won’t become infertile, suicidal, despondent, self-destructive or even die, as a result of this new right they have to practice adulthood. And if any of these things occur . . . who is responsible? Certainly not the parents, they didn’t have a clue she was pregnant. The Courts? No . . . they are always immune. The young boy who got her pregnant? Heavens no, that would be unfair. The school that lied about the rights of free sex without discussing the responsibilities? Not a chance.

So, it looks like the little girl is going to be learning at a very young age that only she is responsible for her actions, and the consequences of her actions, because the court has determined she can’t be discriminated against because of her age. Gee, that seems only fair, and I am sure that is what the authors of the constitution hoped would happen with young girls in America.