Since Hillary is Mayor of the Village She Should Handle the Village Idiots

Hillary Clinton is fond of saying it takes a village to raise a child.

She of course assumes that every village will have the requisite number of compassionate adults who really care about raising kids.

She is going to have to amend that statement though in light of members of her political party booing children belonging to the Boy Scouts.

You know, the children the Supreme Court ruled can determine who sleeps with them on camping trips?

And what exactly do the Democrats of Hillary’s large, compassionate, global village have against the Boy Scouts?

They honor God over man, their parents over a political party, and integrity and morality over politically correct oppression.

They are the last bastion of individuality battling against a barrage of attacks trying to force them to conform to mediocrity.

Are they intolerant? Yes, they are intolerant of bullies, hypocrites and people who claim to be against intolerance while practicing it.

So if Hillary wants her village really represented, she will praise the Boy Scouts for their courage, and their refusal to become experiments in a cultural petri dish.

And she will label those who booed these kids as what they are . . . Village Idiots.