The Invasion of the Boy Scouts by the Radical Homosexual Groups

The image of the homosexuals outside the Boy Scout headquarters, demanding to be let in . . . demanding to have “access” to these young boys can’t be coincidental to being a modern day depiction of what happened in Genesis 19:4 thousands of years ago.

This is when the men, young and old, were outside Lot’s house demanding that he send the two angles out so they could have sex with them. Lot begged them not to do this “wicked thing” and offered his two virgin daughters to them instead. (I can’t help but wonder what “virgins” our politicians will offer this out-of-control group today.)

Looking at this from another perspective, the homosexual community is telling us, by demonstrating outside the Boy Scout headquarters, threatening, demanding, intimidating . . . that the law of the land means nothing to them. They can’t be concerned about the laws of nature, nature’s God, or the Supreme Court interpreting the laws of man.

Should this be the standard? Does this rebellious behavior then open the doors for any other group or individual to disregard and try and overturn the rulings of the Supreme Court?

Is this finally an open door for the populous to unilaterally overturn Roe v. Wade? Should there now be mass demonstrations outside of abortion clinics in spite of the Bubble Zone rule that says you can’t be within a certain distance of an abortuarium if you are pro-life?

Should they disregard the rules of murder and begin killing the doctors performing these abortions? Should they disregard another ruling and start praying in school, having Bible classes and basically ignoring the Supreme Court when it says kids can’t pray before a football game?

Just which rules are we suppose to ignore and which are we supposed to obey?

Is it really subjective or are there absolutes?  Because if the homosexual community is successful in intimidating this organization through political and public pressure, while openly defying the Supreme Court’s ruling that they be left alone . . . then anarchy will have surpassed civility and the rules of engagement will have changed across the board.

I would encourage every former scout, family of scouts, relatives of scouts to ban together to protect these young boys from the onslaught against their virtue.

If the homosexuals want to start a Gay Scout group, there is nothing preventing them from doing this… but to use the good name, legacy and purpose of a PRIVATE organization and try and remake it in your image is an affront to ever citizen, every private organization, and the constitution.

What are the implications of this?

Will the Congressional Black Caucus be forced to accept white congressmen? Will the Girl Scouts be forced to accept boys? Will fraternities and sororities be forced to accept people of the opposite sex? Will Wiccan groups be forced to accept born again Christians, and Mosques be forced to allow Jews to pray in them?

Why should the Boy Scouts be treated any differently than any other private group in America?

One reason — It is the happy hunting grounds for men who have determined by their lifestyle that they can’t have children, so they want yours.

They have demonstrated this by their support of laws that reduce the age of consent to allow children to have sex. They support and defend the National Association of Man Boy Love which promotes sex between adults and children. So the agenda is as transparent as their attempt to disregard a ruling by the Supreme Court.

Their success, if they can intimidate these precious young boys, will be determined by the parents, friends, neighbors, religious and political leaders.  If they are silent . . . and the homosexuals prevail . . . God help each of us . . . and God help these innocent kids who we would have determined are not worthy to receive the full protection of the law and the full weight and authority of the constitution.