When Clinton Throws Stones He Should Aim For a Open Window, Not a Glass Wall . . .

I was a little surprised to see a usually slick and hermetically sealed Clinton begin to unravel in his desperation to trash George W. Bush.

Without anticipating that the queen would be in danger as he moved his pawns across the board, he accused Dubya of being the crown prince to his father, and not really earning the right to even run for President.

Hmm, check mate. Sort of like his wife Hillary being his anointed queen and not really earning the right to run for Senate from New York?

And in comparing resumes, if Clinton was qualified as governor of the last ranking state in everything from education to health care to be President, then certainly Bush, is qualified as governor of the first ranking state in education.

And instead of being offended, he should be flattered that the Bush campaign recognizes that same need for change that he saw eight years ago.

I would suggest to Bill that he think before moving his rhetoric around on the board . . . or at least review his old talking points. But a bigger question I have for Bill and Hillary . . . if the voters of New York fail to crown her queen . . . will they still call themselves New Yorkers?